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Green salads are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, but people do not generally include salads in their diet.

This is because they do not realize the benefits which they can derive from them. Arugula, lettuce, romaine and other greens, along with the carrots, onions, beets that you add in your typical salad, have great nutritional value and several health benefits.The health benefits of green salads depend on the ingredients in it. Almost all of the ingredients of a salad do wonders for your body, except the high fat dressing. When you add dressing that is high in fat to your salad, you might satisfy your taste buds, but you also end up thwarting the health gains.What Does a Salad Give You?A salad generally contains ingredients which provide the following nutrients:

* Iron* Folic acid* Potassium* Magnesium* Beta-carotene* Vitamin C* Vitamin K
How Do The Nutrients Help You?Just knowing the minerals and vitamins that a salad contains is not enough, in order to understand the importance of green salads, you should know how these nutrients benefit you.
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